Religious Education Information


at St. Joseph Parish

General Structure

For Religious Education this year we are switching to a family model. We have a series of topics (or modules) to cover over the course of the Year.  Each topic will be covered over the course of three meetings.  The Frist session will be given to the parents, and the following 2 will be with the parents and kids (7th grade and up) together.

This arrangement will not cover everything that is needed in one year.  It will presume that families are attending every year in an on-going formation process that will continue form year to year.

Presentations in Cycles of 3 

The first presentation will be to the parents and this can be a little more in depth, this is adult education, but with a view of giving them something they can share with their families.  While the adults have having their meeting the students will be having age appropriate formation sessions on other topics with a catechist.

The second and third presentations will expand upon the topic that was given to the adults in the 1st session.  These presentations will deal with the same topic covering similar but different aspects of the topic or reiterating what was covered with the parents.


The goal of the presenter is to give a brief teaching, and then allow some discussion to happen at the tables.  (The focus will be to get the tables talking about the topic not simply giving a lecture).  The idea is that the parents and children will begin a discussion here that will continue into the home.  So, it’s not critical that all the answers be given in the class.  We might leave some things for discussion and then circle back around at the third session to bring some clarification. 

We are introducing Christ, and there is a vast array of where people are at, but we will assume that those who are present want to know more about Christ.  We won’t give all the answers but we do need to help people fall in love with Christ and his Church.

We plan to have about 45 minutes of time for presentations questions and discussions.  After this, the usual practice will be to release the older students and adults to go to adoration for 15-20 minutes.  Smaller children can be picked up after adoration.

General Schedule for Wednesday Evenings

5:30-6:15             Dinner

6:30-7:15             Class/presentation

7:20-7:35ish        Adoration