Atlar Serving Requirements

Altar Serving Requirements and Stipulations

Dear parents and future servers,

Please read carefully these stipulations.  Altar serving is an important ministry in any parish.  We are blessed with many altar servers.  I would like our altar servers to get more involved in the Mass and to have more complete training so they can carry out their roles. 

This requires more instructions and a longer training process.  You may find this burdensome but I invite you to consider the dignity of serving at the altar.  It is a task that deserves our time and preparation.  Not every child needs to be an altar server, it should be a shared decision between parent and child.  My hope in adding these extra steps is to help form our young men, and help our liturgies be reverent and pleasing to God.

Who Can Altar Serve?

  • Any boy who is 4th grade through 12th grade can try out for altar serving.
  • I would like to encourage our young men to serve. This is a simple way for our young men to consider a vocation to the priesthood just by proximity they will have a deeper understanding of what the priesthood is (obviously at such a young age they can’t know if they are called, but it can be an important step).
    • If a student does not have the needed maturity and competence to serve they can try again the next time training is offered. Serving requires a certain level of commitment and maturity.  We don’t expect perfection, but there must be a seriousness and maturity that is demonstrated.  If these characteristics are not evident a student may be asked to wait until next time. 

What is the training process?

  • 3 training sessions for new students.
  • Completion of the Liturgical quiz (Need to get 100%).  Students can take as many times as needed.
    • On Going Training:
  • Servers should check in with the priest or deacon or possibly a delegated person after Mass.
    • This will be a chance to review how things went, and if anything needs to be addressed.
    • There will be chances for further training for special events:
      • Funerals/weddings/benediction
    • Once we are through with this first round of training we will consider these further training sessions for those who would like to serve at such events.