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Holy Day

Mass times for Holy Day (The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Wed. Anticipatory Mass: 6 PM Our Lady of Fatima
Thurs. 8 AM St. Joseph
Thurs. 7 PM St. Joseph

Weekend Mass Times

4:30 P.M. CROSBY (SJ)
10:30 A.M. CROSBY (SJ)



SATURDAY 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.
SJ Crosby 

SUNDAY 7:15-7:45 a.m.
OLF Garrison


TUESDAY 11:30-11:50 a.m.     
in Crosby Church office building
WEDNESDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Crosby Church office building
THURSDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Crosby Church office building
FRIDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.  ** 
in Crosby Church office building

**1st Friday 8:15-8:55 a.m. and 9:30-10:15 a.m. Crosby

 Or by appointment 

Weekday Mass Times

Monday         8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Tuesday        Noon Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Wednesday   8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Thursday       8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Friday           8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel) **except 1st Fridays 9 a.m. (in Church)
1st Fri.         8 a.m. Garrison Our Lady of Fatima

*1st Saturday 8:30 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)

Sacred Music Workshop

St. Joseph's Oct. 24-26

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Sacred Music workshop here at St. Joseph's parish 

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Registration Click Here

Office Hours

Tuesday through Friday
9 AM to Noon
Office Located Here


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Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
7 a.m. Monday through 8 a.m Friday
The Adoration Chapel is in the old St. Joseph school
building in Crosby.  Enter through the side door.


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  • Sun, Aug 11th
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From the Pastor's Desk

Fr. Eli

Dear Parishioners,

This Thursday we will celebrate the Assumption of Mary which is a holy day.  Masses will be offered:
Wednesday evening 6 PM at Our Lady of Fatima.
Thursday morning 8 AM St. Joseph
Thursday evening 7 PM St. Joseph

The Church uses the language “Holy Day of Obligation” to describe these days when we as Catholics are expected to go to Mass.  This is true in the sense that all Catholics are obliged to go to Mass on Holy Days and weekends.  Not to do so puts one out of full communion with the Church.  But that language is often not a good representative of why we should make going to Mass a priority.  If going to Church is simply an obligatory requirement then it doesn’t seem like its much of a celebration.  It hardly gives the sense of a lived relationship; it rather sounds more like a command performance.  You might think about what we are saying to the Lord by coming to Mass on occasions when we don’t feel like it, when it’s not convenient, or when we have to give up another good in order to attend (such as a sports event, or a leisure event which we really enjoy).  Doesn’t the very act of coming in such times show that we are striving to put God first?

If we only ever go to Mass when we feel like it, when we want to, or when its convenient, can we really say we are putting God first?  We show we are putting God first be making that commitment and at times making a sacrifice.  Maybe you can find a Mass time that works for your schedule, but if you skip Mass all together for something else, you are telling God he’s not you’re first priority. 

Now maybe that’s the honest truth, maybe God isn’t first in your life.  That’s why having ‘obligations’ can be a helpful thing for us as Catholics.  Because when we don’t fulfill our obligations it’s a clear sign (which we can see and measure) that we aren’t really putting God first.  So, if we find ourselves not putting God first, or struggling to do so… this can be a moment of recognition.  I want to be Catholic… I want to follow Jesus… I want to share Jesus with my children and grandchildren… But I’m not totally given over to Jesus yet.  I need to keep working on this, and asking God to help me.  If we find that other things ‘compete’ for first priority or take precedence, then we need to be honest about what the consequences of such a way of living are.

Therefore, these days are an opportunity to take a step… to show God you are serious about pursuing a relationship with him.  I always tell people who are having a hard time getting to Mass regularly that it can be a process, and not to get discouraged if they fail at times.  Faith isn’t a switch we can turn off and on.  It’s more of a slider bar that moves between hot and cold.  Maybe, if truth be told… you really are luke-warm in your Catholic faith.  Well, there is always room for improvement.  I’d rather you see this as an invitation to grow, then simply see yourself as unworthy or out of step with the ‘average parishioner’. 

We are all on a journey, and we all have a way to go.  God takes you where you are, but he loves us too much to leave us where we are.  He wants to grow in us, and develop a deeper connection and relationship with us.  At root, that’s what our faith is all about… coming to know God, and being transformed to become ever more united to the Lord.

This doesn’t happen in a moment; it happens over the course of our lives.  Taking time to go to Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening, and on Holy Days is an important part of what it means to be a practicing Catholic.  At the end of our lives it won’t be enough to flash your membership badge that you’ve been carrying all your life… The Lord is going to look at much more than that.  I may have a membership card to a gym, but if I never use it, it won’t do me much good.  Membership in the Catholic Church is similar.  There is a host of others reasons someone might not be coming to Church, but if at root its because I’m not in the habit of it, I’d rather do something else, or I’m too busy, then perhaps it would be good to do some soul searching regarding what my hopes are after I leave this world.  Recall the Lord’s words to St. John Revelations 3:15-17 “I now your works: you are neither cold nor hot.  Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.”

In Christ,

-Fr. Eli


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Youth Corner

Magnificat Youth Choir - For children in 2nd/3rd grade and up, depending upon their ability to read and be attentive for one hour period of time. We practice each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Collette with questions: 546-2781.

Schola Cantorum - An all girls choir open to grades 7 & up. We practice each Monday at 6:00pm in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Kristin 218-831-7067.

Faith Formation - Contact our Director of Religious Education, Tammy Ringhand for Information regarding our Faith Formation Program: [email protected]

or  Click Here for more information

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