Welcome to the Churches of
St. Joseph and
Our Lady of Fatima
and Holy Family

July 11th After the 4 PM Mass on Sat. at Our Lady of Fatima there will be a small farewell gathering.
July 12th Fr. Eli's last weekend Mass will be at 10:30 at the new property for St. Joe's
Link to Google Map directions from Church to new property

Link for Mass 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Live at 8:30 Sun morning 7-5-2020)

Link for Homily 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Farewell part II) 7-5-2020
Link for Homily 13th Sunday Ordinary Time (Farewell part I) 6-28-2020

Past Homilies or recordings
Past Mass Recordings

A New Pastor is coming to St. Joseph, Our Lady of Fatima, and Holy Family.
Fr. Anthony Craig will be arriving Mid-July to take over Shepherding our cluster.

Podcast on Iconoclasm 7-2-2020
Meet Our Seminarian Jacob Toma
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Mass Schedule:
Mon. 8 AM St Joseph
Tues. Noon St. Joseph
Wed. 9 AM Our Lady of Fatima
Thurs. 6 PM St. Joseph
Fri. 8 AM St. Joseph 

4:00 PM Our Lady of Fatima

8:30 AM St. Joseph
10:30 AM St. Joseph (Outdoor)

Confession Times: 
Confessions will be offered at St. Joe's in the Parish office (at the Parish Office Classroom 5), and at Our Lady of Fatima in the confessional 

The regular Sat. confession is 9-10 AM


St. Joseph Pew Layout for
Mass Sign Up (Every other pew)

St. Joe's Confessions:
Mon. (none)
Tues. 11:30-11:50 PM
Thurs. 5:30-5:50 PM
Fri.  7:30-7:50 AM (changed)
Sat. morning 9-10 AM (changed)
Sun. 8-8:20 AM
Sun. 10-10:20 AM

Our Lady of Fatima Pew Layout
for Mass Sign Up 


Our Lady of Fatima Confessions:
Wed. 8:30-8:50 AM
Sat. 3:30-3:50 PM


Instructions for Signing up for Mass (see below)

Note some changes:
Other then the Sun. Morning Mass at St. Joseph 8:30, you do not need to sign up beforehand.  If there is inclement weather, the 10:30 will be moved inside, and those who reserved a spot will be able to attend.

Link for St. Joseph Mass Sign-up, Sun July 12th

Sign Up!


  1. Click the above link (when it goes live) to access the sign up Genius Sign-up
  2. Reserve a Pew by entering your information (note if its a full pew or a part of a pew)
  3. If you have entered an email address you should get a notification.

Special Instructions for Outdoor Mass:

  1. You do not need to sign up for this Mass, but if we have inclement weather the Mass will be moved into the Church. 
  2. If you want to have a spot in the case of inclement weather, you can sign up. 
  3. The signup for the 10:30 Mass at St. Joseph is only for the case of inclement weather.

Call to Sign Up

For those who are not able to get online, they can call one of the following volunteers who can sign them up.  If you know someone who is in this position please give them these phone numbers.

  • Mary Lee Dallman - 218-851-0193
  • Joan Hasskamp - 218-546-5554
  • Doreen Miller-Fish - 218-546-5707
  • Joanne Ruttger -218-851-3750
  • Tommy Sablan - 702-460-2711
  • Ed Kirk – 612-805-5462


Electronic Giving


St. Joseph's Church now offers an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized tool for online giving.  With this program, you can set up multiple credit cards, debit cards or ACH accounts, give anonymously, give one-time or set up recurring donations, and have 24 hr. access to your contribution history. 
Find the Engage Giving link on our parish website to proceed.  Follow the simple instructions to create your private, secure, personal account.  Once an account is created, you have an option to save the Engage link to the home screen of your mobile device to make access even easier.  This is simply another option of giving, for those who wish to use it.

Here is the link to Access online giving:

Weekend Mass Times

8:30 A.M. CROSBY (SJ)
10:30 A.M. CROSBY (SJ)


All SJ Confessions are at the School for Now (Regular Times)


9-10 AM SJ Crosby
3:30-3:50 Our Lady of Fatima

See Above Schedule

TUESDAY 11:30-11:50 a.m.     
in Crosby Church office building
WEDNESDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Crosby Church office building
THURSDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Crosby Church office building
FRIDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.  ** 
in Crosby Church 

**1st Friday 8:15-8:55 a.m. 

 Or by appointment 

Weekday Mass Times

See above for temporary schedule 
      8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Tuesday        Noon Crosby (Adoration Chapel) 
Wednesday   8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Thursday       8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Friday           8 a.m. Crosby (In Church) **except 1st Fridays 9 a.m. (in Church)
1st Fri.         8 a.m. Garrison Our Lady of Fatima

*1st Saturday 8:30 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)

Office Hours

Tuesday through Friday  
9 AM to Noon
Office Located
617 Poplar St, Crosby, MN 56441


(See Above at the top of the page for Homilies at this time)

More Homilies click HERE

Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
7 a.m. Monday through 7 a.m Friday
The Adoration Chapel is in the old St. Joseph school
building in Crosby.  Enter through the side door.

Prayer Line Ministry

If you would like part of the Parish Prayer Line ministry send an email to: [email protected] 

If you would like send in a prayer request feel free to send an email to the same email address.


  • Sun, Jul 5th

  • Sun, Jun 28th

Safe Environment Link

From the Pastor's Desk

Fr. Eli

Dear Parishioners,

I hope you are hanging in there during these unusual times.  It seems our world has gone crazy in many ways.  It is hard to know what to believe when we read the news these days.  So many people are acting out of anger, fear, frustration and even just taking advantage of the chaos to commit evil crimes.  It’s a good reminder to us to remember, that nothing we have in this life is guaranteed us.  Everything that can be gained in this life can also be lost.  This can cause us to live in fear with the rest of humanity.  However, we as followers of Jesus Christ are called to stand apart and remain grounded in Christ.  Christ has won the victory: “take courage, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) 

It’s easy to begin to live in fear when so many people around us are doing so.  It’s easy to be angry when so much confusion and evil is happening around us.  But the world doesn’t need our anger… it needs our witness of faith and a firm example of Christlike love.  This will be difficult in the days ahead I am sure.  With the election coming, things are sure to get even more chaotic down the line.  Let’s try to remain rooted in Christ and be Christ’s presence in the world.  It is times such as these where we can really reveal whether we are faithful followers of Christ.  Do our actions and our words correspond to what Christ asks of us?  Christianity is not a political movement, its not merely about social or moral issues.  It is a way of life. If we ascribe to political parties over and above what Christ calls us to live and stand up for, we can be sure our Christianity is only a venire.  If we are motivated by love for Christ it will show in how we live, and how we interact with others… even those who we fundamentally disagree with. 

We certainly can’t support evil, or accept stances on issues that oppose what Christ taught us.  Right now, many of the most fundamental issues of Christ’s teachings are under attack.  We cannot accept anything other than what Jesus has taught us.  He began the Church to be His voice, and all who hear His voice, acknowledge it and follow it, will be united to Christ.  Those who hear the voice and reject it are rejecting Christ himself. 

It is difficult to know how to respond to a world that is so mixed up.  When it comes to voting, supporting candidates, supporting political and social movements, we can’t always find a perfect fit.  When there isn’t a perfect match we need to choose what most aligns with our faith, and sometimes that means choosing to vote for someone or something which doesn’t perfectly align with our faith.  What to do in those circumstances?  We need to hold onto the most fundamental issues.  As Catholics we ascribe to a hierarchy of truths and foundational beliefs.  This helps us order our priorities.  That’s why the Church has always been a huge supporter of the life issues.  The right to life is fundamental, without that no other rights are protected.  Religious freedom is also a fundamental issue that we must hold to.  There are other important issues that we see being raised today, such as how to deal with racism, immigration, health care, and gender issues.  However, without the right to life and religious freedom, these other issues have no basis to rest upon.  A house is built from the foundation up, not from the roof down.  Likewise, our political decisions must rest upon the most fundamental issues.  If we vote or act based on lesser issues, while discounting or even rejecting the more fundamental ones, we have not reasoned well and are in danger of opposing Christ. 

Many people reject the Catholic worldview, they reject Christ’s Church because they do not agree with how he has ordered the world.  That’s a big problem when it comes to eternal life.  If we have called ourselves Christians while at the same time rejecting Christ, or not standing up for what Christ taught us, how can we expect to be welcomed into eternal life with Christ.  By opposing him, we choose to put ourselves in the place of God.  This can happen consciously or unconsciously.  Either way if we oppose Christ with what we support, with how we live our lives, with our finances, with our actions or with our votes… that’s going to have an effect on whether or not we will be accepted by Christ.  It is our duty to know our faith and to live and act accordingly.  Ignorance of what our faith teaches will not save us from God’s justice.  His Mercy is great, greater than any of our sins.  But we can’t receive his mercy while at the same time opposing him.  Mercy will be granted to us if we acknowledge our errors and our sins. 

 There are so many people who are living in ways that do not honor God.  Let’s do our best to be the voice of reason in the confusion, to speak clearly and articulately about our faith and the Love that God has for us.  It’s a time when we must stand with our Lord, and root ourselves more deeply in him.

Christ has given us the opportunity to live in this time and be his witnesses.  My prayer and hope is that we as a Church can help calm the storm of division and evil that is rising up… or else, remain steadfast in Christ if that evil challenges us and accept whatever consequences are the result of holding true to what Christ has called us to be.

In Christ,

-Fr. Eli


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Youth Corner

Magnificat Youth Choir - For children in 2nd/3rd grade and up, depending upon their ability to read and be attentive for one hour period of time. We practice each Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 pm in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Collette with questions: 546-2781.

Schola Cantorum - An all girls choir open to grades 7 & up. We practice each Wed. at 3-4 pm in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Kristin 218-831-7067.

Faith Formation - Contact our Director of Religious Education, Tammy Ringhand for Information regarding our Faith Formation Program: [email protected]

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