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Fr. Anthony

Moving the Will by Truth

I spent a couple of days with eight other brother priests earlier last week. Our clergy conference was canceled and some of us decided to still spend time together pondering our current scenario and enjoying one another’s presence. We offered Mass together, prayed the Rosary and Breviary, and competed in various games of wit as well. We also had great discussions on some of the priori-ties facing us in the local Church of the diocese of Duluth. We focused on evangelization, allocation of priests and fraternity, and parish life related issues. I for one, found our discussion about evangelization in these times particularly stimulating for thought and action.

We still have the truth of Jesus Christ. This means we can still be about the work of evangelization of people around us. Curtis Martin, the founder of Fellowship of Catholic University Students, says that there are three crucial habits for raising up missionary disciples of Christ. They are all to be rooted in us as strong commitments. They are commitments to divine intimacy (interior life with Christ), to authentic friendship, and having clarity and conviction about spiritual multiplication. He spells these out well in his short read, “Making Missionary Disciples”. This is important for us in Crosby, Garrison, and Hillman because there are still many around us living in fear and away from Christ.

As we begin RCIA on October 29th, we should encourage those around us to become Catholic. Also, we can go to the sessions to increase our love and devotion to the truths and teachings of the Catholic Faith. RCIA will be for all Catholics who want to know more about their faith in Jesus Christ. Why would you go? For the simple reason of strengthening your faith in times where it is under attack. It seems currently that moral fronts are where the attacks are made by our invisible enemy Satan and his minions. However, those attacks are aimed also at the other dogmatic truths, which are realities. For example, the truth that God is a unity in a Trinity—God is a communion of persons. This is plain when there are isolationist tendencies all over the culture, which would cut off or damage the communion we are meant to have with other Catholics, others in our families, and others in our circle of influence.

As we learn more, or reinforce, our Catholic faith by information about these truths, we begin to help strengthen our will (seat of decision) to follow our Lord more closely and lovingly. The will is a blind faculty of the soul and therefore must be fed the right light of truth. Then it has something to move with going forward. It matters what you think. To think on truth is one of the best ways of becoming a saint. As a result of the RCIA classes being on Thursday evenings 6:30-8 PM, we will have to move Thursday’s daily Mass to 8:00 AM beginning on the 29th. This was the previous time for RCIA, as I under-stand, and still seems to remain the most fitting time for it during the week. I pray that we have a nice crowd of souls in there! You can come for any of the sessions which interest you. The schedule will be made public soon so that you can save the date on your personal schedule. You are welcome to come for all of them if you wish of course! God bless you this week!

In Christ,
Fr. Anthony


Fr. Anthony recently blessed the Shrine to the Relic of the True Cross of Jesus at St. Joseph in Chisholm. See the photo gallery.


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