Welcome to the Churches of

St. Joseph and

Our Lady of Fatima and Holy Family


St. Joseph in Crosby and Deerwood
Our Lady of Fatima in Garrison
Holy Family in Hillman

Stations of the Cross Begin Friday March 8th
and continue every Friday in Lent. 
The last Station service is April 12th.
5 PM Our Lady of Fatima (Garrison)
6 PM St. Joseph (Crosby)
Soup supper to follow in both locations


3 PM Penance Service Sunday March 24th 

Weekend Mass Times

4:30 P.M. CROSBY (SJ)
10:30 A.M. CROSBY (SJ)



SATURDAY 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.
SJ Crosby 

SUNDAY 7:15-7:45 a.m.
OLF Garrison


TUESDAY 11:30-11:50 a.m.     
in Crosby Church office building
WEDNESDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Crosby Church office building
THURSDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.
in Deerwood Rectory
FRIDAY 7:30-7:50 a.m.  ** 
in Crosby Church office building

**1st Friday 8:15-8:55 a.m. and 9:30-10:15 a.m. Crosby

 Or by appointment 

Weekday Mass Times

Monday         8 a.m. in Deerwood
Tuesday        Noon Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Wednesday   8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel)
Thursday       8 a.m. Deerwood
Friday           8 a.m. Crosby (Adoration Chapel) **except 1st Fridays 9 a.m. (in Church)
1st Fri.         8 a.m. Garrison Our Lady of Fatima

*1st Saturday 8:30 a.m. Deerwood

Parish Mission Talks

These are the recordings of the Talks that were given at St. Joseph in Crosby and Our Lady of Fatima in Garrison.  Unfortunately several times when there was a break for discussion the recording was not continued after the discussion.  Therefore to get all the content you would need to fill in with the day time sessions in Garrison.  The idea was to record the 4 nights at St. Joe's.  So you may use these as you find them helpful.


1st Talk Sun Night at SJ: What's it All About   
2nd Half of first Night at SJ: What is the Good News
2nd Talk Mon Night at SJ:Why does it Matter?
3rd Talk Tues Night at SJ: How to Deepen my Faith 
4th Talk Wed Night at SJ: How to Make Evangelization Practical
2nd Day at OLF: Why Does it Matter
3rd Day at OLF: How to Deepen my Faith


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The Parish Code is: JPXDQ8 (it is case sensitive)
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Office Hours

Tuesday through Friday
9 AM to Noon
Office Located Here

Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
7 a.m. Monday through 8 a.m Friday
The Adoration Chapel is in the old St. Joseph school
building in Crosby.  Enter through the side door.


  • Sun, Mar 24th

  • Sun, Mar 17th
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From the Pastor's Desk

Fr. Eli

Dear Parishioners,

This coming week on Tuesday, I will be going to our annual clergy study day in Duluth.  Usually this is a day for the priests to get together and do some continuing education, as well as a chance to get some updates on things coming from the Diocese of Duluth.  This particular meeting, we will be discussing, at least on some level, the bankruptcy.  I know the Diocese was involved in mediation regarding the bankruptcy several weeks ago.  I imagine now they have been asked to share a proposal with the parishes.  I don’t know exactly what the proposal will be, but I imagine that they will be asking the parishes to make some kind of voluntary contribution to the bankruptcy settlement. 

There are a lot of layers involved here.  The pool of money that will be brought together to pay for both the lawyers as well as any victims compensation will be coming from 3 primary sources (as I am aware of them).  1st the insurance companies that we were insured by, during the time when abuse was committed by priests.  This varies from parish to parish and across the Diocese depending on when the abuse occurred.  This would be the largest portion of the money (so I am led to believe).  2nd the Diocese will expend their resources (from what I am told this does not include money from the operating costs which are gathered from UCA each year).  Rather it may include things like, selling the bishop’s house, or the pastoral center or paying from investments.  (This is my limited understanding).  3rd the parishes. Early on in the process it was presented to the pastors that the individual parishes may be asked to chip in.  The amount was never clearly stated but several proposals have been mentioned.  A % of the money a parish has on hand, or possibly a payment similar to the amount asked for in the United Catholic Appeal each year (UCA), a flat rate, or some other configuration.  It’s not clear to me how all the parishes will be involved in this.  I get the sense that not just the parishes with cases, but all the parishes will be involved, that remains to be seen.

Since the parishes are separately incorporated it cannot be demanded it must be approved.  It would be like a donation for a charitable cause.  However, in this case it would go to settle the bankruptcy.  Now, there are many parishes in the diocese that have cases (where victims have come forward as part of the lawsuit) there are also many parishes where there are no cases.  In our cluster we have cases in Hillman and in Deerwood.  I believe what will be part of the proposal, will be what is called a channeling injunction; whereby all the cases are funneled into a particular fund and paid.  This fund would then be used to compensate victims according to some scheme.  This also would make it so that in the future, parishes could not be sued for new accusations of things that happened in the past.  If the bankruptcy is settled with the channeling injunction in place there would be no more looking back.  I do not know exactly what we will be told at this meeting in Duluth, but I imagine they will be asking us to contribute, which will entail me coming back to the finance councils to ask if we can and should do this. 

It’s a bit of a tough thing to process.  Of course, I would like to see the victims compensated, they have suffered.  On the other hand, we are not guilty either, so it would be easy to claim we shouldn’t have to pay.  Not to mention we are trying to build a new church and merge from 4 churches down to 2.  I guess it will come down to, do we feel getting out of bankruptcy is important rather then racking up more lawyer’s fees.  Do we see this payment of money as a way to help the victims or do we simply feel unfairly treated?  Its not easy to know what to do here.  If the bankruptcy doesn’t get resolved would the lawyers of the victims seek to litigate the individual cases against the individual parishes?  Assuredly this would be a long and expensive process.  It’s hard to know.  It feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place (as they say).  For now, I just wanted to make you aware that there seems to be some movement on the bankruptcy, but it’s hard to know what will be asked of us.  Please pray for wisdom and an open heart so that we can do the right thing.

-Fr. Eli


Last Parish Masses

A last Mass will be held for 2 of the parishes in our cluster on Sunday April 28th.  Bishop Sirba will be the celebrant for both Masses.  Its a day to remember and give thanks for all that has happened.  So many beautiful things over the course of a long history.  Its a day to come together and say our good byes, not an easy thing to do, but something which is necessary any time there is a loss in our lives.

St. Joseph in Deerwood Final Parish Mass 8:30 Sunday April 28th.

Holy Family in Hillman Final Parish Mass 12 Noon Sunday April 28th.


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Youth Corner

Magnificat Youth Choir - For children in 2nd/3rd grade and up, depending upon their ability to read and be attentive for one hour period of time. We practice each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Collette with questions: 546-2781.

Schola Cantorum - An all girls choir open to grades 7 & up. We practice each Monday at 6:00pm in the Crosby church choir loft. Contact Kristin 218-831-7067.

Faith Formation - Contact our Director of Religious Education, Tammy Ringhand for Information regarding our Faith Formation Program:

or  Click Here for more information




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