Sacred Music Workshop

Sacred Music Workshop

This is an opportunity for musicians and non-musicians alike to come and learn more about sacred music. 
We will explore what it is, why it is important, and how to sing it.  

There will be liturgies Mass and singing of the Divine Office as well as opportunities to practice and learn about both.

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Bio Information for Main Presenters:

Scott Turkington
Mary Ann Carr-Wilson
Fr. Joel Hastings

Info or Questions:
For More information Call our Parish Office: 218-546-6559
Or Email our Music Director Kristen Fleming: [email protected] 

The Tentative Schedule:

Thurs. Oct. 24th

5 PM Dinner -Welcome dinner and reception

6 PM Lecture for Adults – Scott-What is sacred music?
Why is it necessary to learn?
Who needs to know about it?
What is chant/polyphony?

6 PM Lecture/practicum for children- Mary-What is sacred song?
What is a child’s role in the liturgy? Isn’t it boring?

7:30 PM Vespers ...or evening prayer-Learn to chant antiphonally...for musicians and non-musicians


Friday Oct 25th

9 AM Solfege warm-up with Scott and Mary ...everyone together        

9:20- 10:45- Chant choir rehearsal
10:45-11:00- break
11:00- Lecture – Scott- restoring the sacred liturgy
12:00- lunch
1:00-3:00-Polyphony choir rehearsals
3:00- Social/Break/Q&A
4:00-Fr. Joel Hastings speaks on Participation in the Liturgy
5:30- Mass (votive Mass St. Joseph) with Bishop Sirba
6:30 PM Dinner for Directors and Clergy at Flemings



 Saturday Oct 26th

9 AM Morning Prayer-sung-
9:30- solfege warm-ups
9:45-11:30 - children and adult chant choir practicum
11:30- lunch
12:30-2:30- Polyphony choir practice
2:30- Social Q/A break
3:00- Mary-Importance of children’s participation in the liturgy          
4:00- Adults get ready for mass, children rehearse if needed
4:30 Mass- Adults sing, children attend
6:00- Closing Dinner
7:00- Closing remarks, talks, feedback followed by evening prayer or vespers

Sunday Oct 27th

9 AM Children and Schola practice

10:30 AM Mass