Old Updates on Covid-19

Corona Virus (COVID 19) Updates

Information from the Diocese Please Read Carefully:

Read the Text of the Bishop's of MN
update on 5-20-2020 (Click Here)

Link to Protocols for Mass
during Covid-19

Read the Letter Fr. Eli mailed or emailed to parishioners on (5/14/2020) regarding social distancing at Mass (Click Here)

Update on 5-20-2020 
Continuation of 10 person Limit at Mass for now.

Dear Priests and Deacons,
I hope you have had time to read and review my letter to you dated 5/15/20 concerning the opening of public Masses beginning May 18 as well as the Diocese of Duluth COVID-19 Protocols that accompanied the letter.
If you have not already done so, please post both documents on your parish website and make them available to your parishioners.
Once again, the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday remains lifted, so the faithful can come to Mass any day it is offered.
As the cover email for these documents states, "We, together with the other dioceses of Minnesota, will be entering Phase II under the limitation of ten (10) or under for public Mass with Holy Communion (distributed according to the Protocols) on Monday, May 18.
We remain under those limitations currently and until such time as a date is announced by our bishops on which we can return to public Masses with greater than ten (10) people. This number would include the priest and any other ministers in attendance.
I realize that addressing the '10 and under' number and implementing the Protocols has presented challenges. I ask that you do so carefully and strictly even as you might return to regular Mass times on the coming weekend. This means, whether it is a daily Mass or a Sunday Mass the total number at Mass should be '10 or under' including yourself and other ministers until we hear a new date from our bishops.
Knowing the limit of '10 and under' is unreasonable, our bishops are engaged in efforts with the governor and medical professionals to ease and, ultimately, do away with these limitations. In the meantime, I ask that you not do anything that may jeopardize those efforts. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Fr. Jim

Letter from Fr. Jim regarding Public Mass Suspension (continues until 18th)

Public Masses Suspended (click here for full details)

Letter from Diocesan Administrator (Click Here) (to be read at Masses weekend of Mar. 14-15) 
Press Release Regarding Corona Virus (Click Here)

- If you are sick please stay home (if someone in your home gets the virus please also stay home and self-quarantine)
- Fr. Jim Bissonnette has suspended the Obligation to attend Weekend Masses.  If you are concerned or high risk (senior citizen, compromised immune system etc.) you may stay home without fear of committing a sin.  We are not saying you can't attend Mass, just that you need not do.
- Soup suppers are cancelled, we will still have stations
- The ecumenical services are cancelled until further notice
- St. Joseph Party after the 7 PM Mass is cancelled (we will still have Mass)
- Religious Ed is cancelled
- Daily Masses are moved to the main Church to allow for more space beginning Tues. March 17th.
- It may be that further measures are taken, but for now don't panic, lets pray, trust and use prudence.