Outline of Building Process

Outline for the Building Process:

  1. Diocesan Strategic Plan requests that the two St. Joseph parishes merge and build new.
  2. Future planning commission assembled in order to guide the process of assessing the viability of the two current locations.
  3. The decision to look for a new location was made after examining the potential of current sights.
  4. Tour other Churches in the area, asking them about how they made the decision to build new, and what their process was and what criteria they used to pick locations.
  5. Search for a new location for the new church.
  6. Purchase new property.
  7. Visit and discuss with other parishes that have done building projects about what their process has been in order to understand more about what our process should look like.
  8. Assemble a building committee made up of members from both parishes
  9. Prepare a needs assessment. Talk to representatives from all groups and employees to determine what space is needed and how it can be best organized/utilized
  10. Prioritize all needs
  11. Create a proposed design of the new church and submit to presbyterial council
    • The proposal will be based on what we feel we need
    • The final outcome will depend on what the feasibility study tells us we are capable of, and whether we build in stages or in one large project.
  12. Interview companies that could do feasibility study and capital campaign.
  13. Hire company to do the feasibility and capital campaign
  14. Do a Feasibility Study in which the plan is presented to parishioners
  15. Adjust plans as needed to fit feasibility study, and according to parishioner feedback.
  16. Seek ask for RFPs from Architects and contractors
  17. Develop building plans which are more detailed and with the help of the Architects and Contractors.
  18. Submit plans to presbyterial council and seek permission to begin capital campaign
  19. Start the capital campaign
  20. Once we have raised 75% of the cost of the total project, we can begin building.
    • Pledges must be discounted by 25% when calculating their value towards the 75% threshold of the overall goal.