New Church Project

The Parishes of St. Joseph in Deerwood and St. Joseph in Crosby have merged into one parish.  The next aspect of the 2012 strategic plan is to build a new Church.  We have started the process of analyzing and planning for a new church campus. Visit this page to learn more about this on-going project.

In February-March 2020, a feasibility study was completed by Hal Johnson and Associates.  We have received the report and any parishioner can review the report by checking out a copy at the parish office.

Letter sent to Parishioners about the Covid19 and Feasibility Study (April 2020)

Feasibility Presentation and Dialogue Meeting Packet

Land for New Church

Building Process Chart

2019 Town Hall Question and Answers

Town Hall Meeting Presentation 7-21-19

Needs Assessment Document

Building Committee Members

Building Committee Newsletter

New Church Campus Project Newsletter

June/July 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 6

May 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 5

April 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 4

March 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 3

February 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 2

January 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 1

December 2020 - Volume 1 Issue 3

November 2020 - Volume 1 Issue 2

October 2020 - Volume 1 Issue 1