Mass and Social Distancing

General Information:
Please follow social distancing during Mass. Please honor those around you. As of July 25th, 2020 the Governor of Minnesota has mandated wearing masks at indoor gatherings.  Please abide by this when it applies to you.  There are some medical exceptions and other considerations.  The exceptions can be found on the MN Health Department website HERE. God bless you!

Parishioners should not congregate in the Church either before or afterwards to visit and talk.  If you need to touch base with someone please do so outside while maintaining social distancing.  That will entail staying 6 feet apart.  

Temporary Mass Schedule:

Here is the Mass schedule for the time being.  The obligation to attend Mass is still suspended.  There may be good reason for someone to decide to stay at home for now.  Those who have preexisting conditions should probably remain at home.  Each person needs to make their own judgment of what risks they are willing to take.  The Mass schedule may change according to our needs and capabilities:

Mon. 8 AM St Joseph
Tues. Noon St Joseph
Wed. 9 AM Our Lady of Fatima
Thurs. 8 AM St Joseph
Fri. 8 AM St Joseph

4:00 PM Our Lady of Fatima

8:30 AM St Joseph
10:30 AM St Joseph

Outdoor Mass:
When weather permits, we will resume a weekly outdoor Mass being offered on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM at St. Joseph. Continue to check the website, bulletin and weekly email for more information when the outdoor Mass will resume. To be added to the weekly email, please send your email address and request to [email protected].

The purpose of an outdoor Mass is that we can accommodate more people while maintaining social distance.  This Mass will be outside on the east side of the property in the parking lot at St. Joseph.  If there is inclement weather, the outdoor Mass will be cancelled and held inside.  I am defining inclement weather as rain, or precipitation any time between 9:30 and 10:30.  If it seems there is a good chance that rain will fall during Mass, that would cause it to be cancelled as well.  Each family will need to bring their own chairs or seating equipment for this outdoor Mass.