Guidelines For Marriage Preparation 

We are glad you are interested in getting married.  We want to help you in this process.  Our first priority is to help you have a beautiful and holy marriage.  Even more than a beautiful wedding we want you to have a loving and supportive marriage that is rooted in Christ.  There are things that we will ask you to do, but the aim of each of them is to help you to have a good preparation and a healthy marriage.
Normally a couple begins the marriage preparation process at least a year, but no fewer than three (6) months, prior to their wedding.  Before you pick a date or book a reception hall please let us be part of the conversation.  We ask that the couple offer a donation of $200 dollars to reserve the Church and to cover the preparation process.  (If this is a financial hardship we can negotiate)

Marriage Preparation Process
The marriage preparation process is intended to help couples to discern their readiness for marriage and to prepare for the sacrament of matrimony. It includes the following:

  1. An initial interview with the pastor or his delegate to get acquainted, including an explanation of the requirements for marriage and the marriage preparation process.

  2. Setting up marriage preparation meetings where the couple meets with the Pastor or his delegate.  

  3. Completion of the necessary diocesan pre-nuptial forms, including those for permissions and dispensations, if required.

  4. Participation by the couple in a marriage preparation weekend program, whether diocesan, deanery or parish sponsored, or when this is not possible, premarital instruction by the pastor or his delegate.

      Click Here For More Information on the marriage weekends

    2018 Weekends for Engaged:  Register for a Weekend Retreat at or call 218-724-9111

    1. Feb. 23rd & 24th.... Register by Feb. 12th.... Located in Duluth
    2. April 14th &15th....  Register by April 1st....   Located in Hibbing
    3. May 5th & 6th....     Register by April 23rd.... Located in Crosby 
    4. June .... TBA....                                              Located in Duluth
    5. Oct. 27th & 28th.... Register by Oct. 15th....  Located in Hibbing
  5. Liturgical preparation for the wedding. Note: As of December 2016 there is a new rite of the Celebration of Matrimony that is in use by the Church.  This will entail some differences in the way the Marriage Ceremony will be celebrated.  It is important to talk to the Pastor about any questions or ideas that you have with regard to the ceremony.  

Note: There are special guidelines for interfaith and ecumenical marriages, individuals seeking remarriage, couples who cohabit before marriage, premarital pregnancy and teenage marriages. Please discuss these situations with your parish priest.

Marriage preparation programs are offered in Duluth, Cloquet, Hibbing, Grand Rapids and Brainerd. Couples getting married in the Diocese of Duluth must complete all required marriage preparation at least 30 days before their wedding date. This allows the couple time to contemplate the information presented in the marriage preparation program and discern their own readiness to proceed with their plans to marry.