Catholic Funeral Readings

St. Joseph Our Lady of Fatima and Holy Family

Readings for Funerals

If you would like to have a funeral service at one of our parishes, please have your funeral home make the arrangements.  They will help you coordinate many of the details for the funeral.  The Pastor or Deacon will also meet with you to help with your spiritual needs.  You can help plan a funeral liturgy for your loved one by choosing the scripture readings to be proclaimed at the Funeral. These are some of the possible readings. You are not limited to these readings. If you have other scripture passages you would prefer, please talk to the priest/deacon about your choices. There are three readings in funeral liturgies: the first reading is from the Old Testament #1 - 9; the second reading is from the New Testament #10 - 28; and the Gospel #29 - 47. The psalm response after the first reading is sung by the cantor. 

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